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Our World Cup Bid Presentation

Our world cup hosting bid is in and we live in hope, but it's not looking good. We'll find out soon enough. The final presentation included a cheesy video about a kangaroo that steals the World Cup and brings it to Australia. If you look closely you can see me for about half a second!

I went along to the filming of a few scenes at the SFS a couple of weeks ago. The FFA put the call out for volunteers and I thought, "Why not?" Filming is always pretty boring, but this was extremely disorganised. Turns out the director who everyone referred to as Phil was Philip Noyce. Anyway after about 5 hours of filming we all headed home. The video was presented to FIFA today and I featured. One of our scenes which we filmed over and over was used. And there's a clear, albeit very brief, shot of me. Hooray. I know what you're thinking, 5 hours for half a second? Totally worth it.