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Upgrading Drupal

Readers won't have noticed much as I followed my usual practice of upgrading on a subdomain. So the primary domain kept going on V6 while I mucked around with V7. I finally switched over today even though the site doesn't have all the features it used to have. The main loss is the picture gallery, which is a bit of a shame as I quite liked this feature, but there isn't an equivalent module any more.

The upgrade itself proved quite arduous. The available instructions were reasonable but it still took me three attempts (starting form scratch each time) to successfully migrate. There were several issues: some modules have become part of core; some modules had no equivalent for V7; many new modules were required; and some just behaved differently under V7. The big change was the moving of fields into core. My primary node types use fields and upgrading required many manual steps. In addition I used the contemplate module to theme these node types. This was no longer possible and required a lot of work to develop a new theme (based on garland) for these node types. I also struck trouble with the precise details of creating a sub-theme where the instructions did not cover everything.

All up, it was very hard, technical work that took several days. Not an ideal administrator experience. Drupal is still a long way from being simple to administer for the non-technical user. Although, now that it is installed, most of the admin is pretty simple.