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People Search

Spock is a new search engine that focuses on searching for people and the relationships between people. So you search for a name and get back a list of results - pretty standard stuff. It gets interesting when you click on the link for a person. You get a photo, tags and related people. The relationships are tagged and in some cases hilarious.

I clicked on Hillary Clinton as she was listed in the top 5. I got a photo, a very brief bio (some apparently included from Wikipedia) and some tags. Nothing too exciting. However under related people it got very interesting. First up were Bill and Chelsea, with the relationships tagged as husband and daughter respectively. Next were Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky, with both relationships tagged as homewrecker :) Then there's others who are predecessors, successors, colleagues, opponents, nemesis, etc.

Very cool and potentially very useful. Although I wonder how long it is before Google implements something similar and Spock goes end-of-life.